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Jan 4, 2019

Baked and Awake News Brief 017

Friday 01.04.19

Host and Creator: S Cominski

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Sources: Wikipedia, The Winston-Salem Journal


Welcome to the Baked and Awake Newsbrief for Friday January 4th 2019, and today’s brief is about an enduring mystery of early British colonization of North America, The Roanoke Colony, just off the coast of what is today North Carolina. The mystery of what happened to this early Anglo American settlement, sponsored in 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh, although in name only as we come to find out he never set foot in the settlement in question itself- this at the time nameless band of settlers number ing in the twenties- was lost, when it was “lightly abandoned” for almost two years due to weather and an Anglo-Spanish war involving both nations entire Seaworthy fleets- until 1587, when Captain Francis Drake returned with future Governor John White, of the (about to be marooned for real) 115 member party that was put ashore to look for the survivors (none) of the previous contingent on their way to their own new colony. The Roanokers to be were surprised to be disallowed from returning to the ships, because their intended destination was actually Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, or is today anyway- and that is significantly to the North and would have been closer to other early settlements in Maryland etc. These 115 Colonists, put ashore and left in the charge of Mr. White, Grandfather to the so called “Firstborn Daughter of America” by some, Virginia Dare- were ALL to be lost when they themselves would be left behind (for almost three years!) in this area that had been seen already to have been a bit, shall we say dangerous- as the local native tribes were barely tolerating the British at best at this time in this region, and had in fact killed one in the first 25 hours of their arrival in ‘87! For, in 1590, when Drake again returned with desperately needed food, medicine, and general supplies for the Sick and Cold when we left them Roanokers- everybody and everything was gone, down to the log structures they were occupying for shelters. On a nearby tree was carved a single word,  “Croatoan” the name of a local tribe associated with some fractious interactions with the to them interloping British settlers. This story is an early favorite of mine, and looking back now I can honestly say it birthed my love for conspiracies, for many theories exist that posit explanations for what happened to the first group, and then the Colony proper, all 115 of them including the famous Virginia Dare, of whom legends of her whereabouts and final resting place abound.