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Nov 23, 2018

Baked and Awake News Brief 23 Nov 2018


Good Morning and welcome to another edition of the Baked and Awake News Brief, a Baked and Awake Podcast Production. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday your host Steve Cominski (that’s me!) will bring you Cannabis, Tech, and “quote” Conspiracy headlines in a concise report.  I will also share with you upcoming topics for discussion on my long form podcast, Baked and Awake, which is available EVERYWHERE. Please, find and subscribe to the podcast today on your favorite pod catcher to get much more content like this.


And now a Headline and Source I won’t necessarily follow up on after this, but you SHOULD- Powered as always by my google alerts.  Today’s keyword is “Transhumanism”.


  • Transhumans reveal why they want everyone to implant chips under their skin
    • Beneath a headline ripped from Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World, we find a story that might as well be Mr. Robot Season 2- A Danish Company named BiChip announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency last week that uses a unique “wallet”- a microchip that is implanted permanently in the user’s body.
    • You know the drill- its an e wallet that absolutely does have tracking capability, and is intended to be rolled out widely in the next few years.
    • The company has already manufactured 1 million of the chips, with plans for 2 million to be produced next year- and that’s just the beginning.
    • Of course, as is required by law in 2018 and on the go forward- they MUST make grandiose claims of having re-invented the wheel here with yet another “like Bitcoin, but better” electronic currency, taking digs at Bitcoin’s tech in their marketing lingo, with statements like “Bitcoin has no backup because no-one knows how they created it”, and “Our (also made up- emphasis mine) currency has value backed by real company assets”. OK, if you say so.
    • And now, for the “reasons” or “Use Cases” being pitched to, you guessed it- Governments and Military Contract writers.  Forget payment processing and carrying your E-Passport and Medical records on you at all times- these are merely marketing gimmicks to get people to adopt the chips.  These chips can be used to (In the words of prominent Transhumanist Evangelist Zoltan Istvan, “We have worked with the US Navy to discuss the idea of installing chips in Sailors working in high security environments”, “My guess is that many governments and corporations see opportunity in this tech to improve services and efficiencies” “It makes perfect sense for the military to make their own chips which could also be used by the CIA, Navy, and Air Force” and, chillingly he went there folks “ Implants could be used to allow in large numbers of immigrants and still be able to track them” and for the “Build the Wall” crowd, he clarifies “ They also scare some people, so Trump could use it as a tactic to lessen immigrants’ desires to come to the US. Implants are dramatically cheaper than building a wall”.


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